Terminal-5 since 2008

My name is Sara Malinarich, I live in Paris. I have a degree in Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in design. I speak Spanish, English and French. No matter what country or city you are in, I specialize in working remotely. I will attend you personally but it is also important to acknowledge the fact that I work with a team of engineers and programmers who make ideas come true and cover your particular needs with a high degree of specificity. For these reasons we can offer products in our preferred engines such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Presta Shop.

Terminal-5 is the result of more than 10 years of graphic and web design work. Research, development and communication. T-5 works with large and small companies. The majority of its clients are in the field of art and design: Other graphic design companies, architecture studios, photographers, painters, art workshops, producers, art galleries, etc. We focus on offering clear, flexible, safe and aesthetic websites.


I really like all of them !



Graphic design is part of the image of your company, public personality or profession. Once we establish an identity with the client, we can communicate both on the Internet and in the world of objects. a good catalog of products, works of art, services or communication material for promotion.


A web design from the ground up is a project that must be unique. A website is a more sophisticated product than a web-blog. It starts from an original design, it is modeled and the result is exactly the project that we had presented to you. To achieve this, we work with a team of programmers and computer engineers.


We strongly believe in brand culture and the understanding of user behavior. We can help with the design of your logo and the choice of colors, fonts and themes that need to be the same on your website, social media and other marketing platforms. We make sure that your website functions properly and is intuitive for your site visitors to use.



In T-5 we are concerned with the positioning of each website in the main search engines. Our websites are programmed to have memorable links that Google indexes very quickly. This allows our websites to be the first on the page lists among the competition in a short time. In addition, we propose some formulas to our clients that will give them more visits. To follow up, we provide each client with a statistical system that is updated in real time.


Our websites are also web management tools. We understand that our mission is to provide a modern, original image for entrepreneurs and/or artists, "both young and not so young" who want to start their project on the right foot. In Terminal-5 we understand this starting point as well as the need to renovate sites that have become obsolete. For this reason we can offer these web starting at €600! There are no excuses for not starting!


Terminal-5 websites are tested in all browsers and devices to ensure high compatibility and thus preserve design standards. We are especially concerned with usability, clarity and style. We are focused at all times on the objective of each web project as well as using updated tools and with good support. We are inspired by the most flexible websites, the most innovative corporate image trends.

Other solutions

Do you need other resources ? Terminal-5 is in research constantely! 3D technology for web, Social Networks integrates, eCommerce on your site, Logotypes, Glazing, Posters, Flayers, Etc.


Thank you to all my clients !